Been talking to a girl I know socially for a couple weeks now. About 3 weeks ago after a particularly good night out with mutual friends where we had some nice 1 on 1 moments I asked her to get a drink the following week. She said yes and gave me her number without hesitation. When I called she was busy that week (legitimately) and then Thanksgiving hit. Luckily I saw her again this past Friday where we reconnected. I made a good impression on her through her best friend there... at one point I was carrying the friend down the street to the next bar on my back and my HB was really amused. Then I sort of helped the friend when a guy that was hitting on her flaked out and she was upset. The friend wanted me to hug her and talk to her about the dude.

Before this, I was sitting with my HB and I dropped in a casual mention that she never got back to me and she immediately apologized and suggested we get together for coffee this week. She suggested a couple nights and I'm going to follow up tomorrow.

I've read a lot of tips on coffee dates and I'm just look for more and more info to put it together so that I can make a good impression.

A note about the girl: through a mutual friend, I've found out she's this genuinely nice, somewhat moral girl who gets really frustrated when guys are trying to get physical right away, so I don't want to push it too far, but do want to subtly escalate.

I've come up with a text opener to follow up with her tomorrow in setting up the coffee meet.
Me: You're not going to believe this.
Her: [whatever]
Me: I've had to give like 30 piggyback rides since Friday. Who did you tell?

I thought this would elicit a laugh and put her at ease as well as reminding her of my good deeds.

What do you think of the text? Suggestions for coffee date stuff? Thanks!