Ok so I've met this girl a few times; actually wasn't attracted to her at all the first few times we met. Also, recently, I've lost a good amount of weight (50 pounds or so) since last may. Anyway, this girl is a friend of one of my best friends girlfriends. She decided to come over, along with my friend and his girlfriend and a few others for a BBQ i was having.

Needless to say she looked a lot better than I had remembered. So I was gaming her, or attempting to do so for the majority of the night with a few cock blocks thrown in. I was pretty drunk and didn't think too much of it; figured she was going back to school and that was that; might as well practice my game right?

Well a few days later, I hear from that best friend of mine (whose girlfriend brought her), that "i have her in the bag". Now i seriously doubt she told him something straight up like that, but I'm sure she made some mention of me to either my friends girlfriend or to my friend.

Anyway, fast forward to October (she went back to school after that). Went to visit her school for some concert and spoke to her on facebook before that. Told her I'd try to see her when I was there but didn't make any specific plans as I wasn't really in control of what was happening that night as I went for a concert and a party my friends were hosting. Turns out she was working all night and was getting off really late. Long story short, I didnt see her when I went up. She mentioned that to my friend girl (which can mean many things, or nothing at all) but my question is:

How should I initiate communication now? It would likely be thru text and I'm not sure how to open or if I should mention not seeing each other when I went up.

And to answer all the why didn't you game her more at the BBQ or after that; it's because I didn't really have MUCH interest and I had other options at the time. Now, I'm kind of limited and I'd like to hang out with her when shes back from school but I feel some communication in the meantime might be the way to go.

Any advice?