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    Default Girl flaked and now wants to hang out. Please help

    Hi I'm pretty new to pua so I figured I would seek the advice of people much wiser and experienced than myself. I've hung out with this girl a few times but never alone. Some Kino but nothing heavy. I called and asked her to come over and say hi while I cooked dinner which she accepted. But then I got this text around midnight the night before.

    Her: Well hello my "My name" yes mine lol I cant make tomorrow night

    I called her about 30 min after, no answer and then sent her this msg in the morning.

    Me: No problem, I'll invite someone else. See you around "Her name".

    Her: Ok, I'm sorry we had last minute inventory at the other store come up again last night and our other guy can't go so I gotta go and not sure when I'll be back.

    Her: I hope you are not mad, I know I havent been able to come out and it prolly seems I blowing you off. I'm not just busy..... And I am not sure if your intentions are for like date type not... But I'm just not trying to be involved with anyone. After divorce and "Guy name" thing I just don't want to go there. I like you so much, I don't want to make it weird or lose the fun we already have. I mean we really have q blast together and it's so fun

    Her: * meant to say I'm not blowing you off lol just really busy

    Her: Please text me back and let me know if you still wanna hang out, I would really like to before I go on vacation next week

    What do you think? Should I just drop her and move on (Freeze-Out?), give her another chance or do something else?

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    Default Re: Girl flaked and now wants to hang out. Please help

    By the looks of it, it seems she is really interested in you in she kept texting you even when you weren't responding. What I would do is give her another chance, what could go wrong? If she flakes again, then I would freeze her out, because after all, you are the prize and not her.

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