New member here hi all!! This is regarding a girl i have already had sex with. It is a long distance relationship i want to keep around. I Painted my self in to a corner, need a clever comeback/line

Back story, Went over seas to visit some friends and met a young HB 8.5. She is 16 years younger then me (dont worry she is not underage) i met her the last week i was there. From day one, i took her home, gave her (according to her) amazing love making. For the next 6 days, she would wake up in my room, go to school/work and when she was done we would hang out movies/drinks and then back to my hotel for a night of sex. She loved having sex with me as i made her orgasm 4 times in one night. when i left we said good bye and sort of assumed we would never talk to each other again.

Well, she started facebooking me. It was all one liners, nothing long or special.

Now i kind of want to keep this connection because i am going back there in a year. So. This was our last couple of messages. About a day between each message from me and her.

She is stuck up and think she is really cute ... and she is....

It begin with her facebooking me with "hows your doggie?", this is after a couple of catch up messages.

I texted: Every time i see this picture, i think about you ( It was a picture of a homeless women wearing 3 jackets. I told her when i was with her that she reminds me of a homeless women because she is always cold and is wearing 2 jackets)

Her: what! your mean, im not talking to you anymore

Me: You know, your cute when your mad

Her: I'm Always cute

Me: when you think your self cute, you are not cute. The look on your face when your orgasming.. Now thats cute.

Her: Too bad you will never see that face again haha

Me: Too bad you are losing a teacher that will teach you to have the ultimate orgasm. I had so much to teach you, so many orgasm to give you....

Her: wow, you're English is really good now. I can just find another teacher you know. ( My English is not very good, that's why she said my English is good now.)

So whats a clever come back guys. I kind of want to keep this girl around for awhile, i want to seem playful and not let her out "Alpha" me. Please help thanks