Hey guys, so I've only been in the PUA world for about 3 weeks now and I've already noticed some crazy improvement. My conversations are better, I'm much more observant, and I feel much more confident. But what I've noticed most is that I've become a text king! I'm not sure if this change happended from my appearing more confident or that I was finally forming my Facebook updates and tweets with game, but I've got two dates already planned and more in the making. Now all this sudden attention is making me wonder something.

How can I maintain this status in real life?

With texting, I have that small amount of extra time I sometimes need to better plan out what I'm going to say. And unlike many AFCs, I don't know if I can use standard pick-up lines and conversation topics most PUAs teach. It's just too unnatural and I don't subscribe to Neil Strauss's "It's not lying it's flirting" philosophy. (As you can tell I'm reading The Game). Anyway I know this will eventually become natural, but I was wondering if any of you know ways to "think on your feet" like this. I've got all the info in my head. But the guy picking it up is stuck in AFC mode.

Thanks, The House