So, one of my matches from speed dating (I posted a thread under field reports) gave me a mediocre response to my opening email--which I thought was pretty good. Here's the conversation:

Me: Hi xxxx, I'm glad to see all that extra time at the beginning payed off. In fact, I found a picture that pretty much sums up our interaction.

*hilarious photo of some girl staring at a guy with a goofy smile*

But anyway, I have some work to do (not to mention 24 other emails to sendout) so I'll talk to you later.

Her: (4 days later) Hi xxxx,

Yup, that seems pretty accurate. Hope you didn't mess up any names with all those emails, that would be awkward . Good luck with your work.

Better than no response but pretty mediocre. I thought I came across as pretty
non-needy by joking around and implying that I had 24 other matches to talk
to. She mentioned how she was there with her friends to have some fun, but still
I want to hang out with her and maybe get to know her friends.

Should I suggest we hang out and somehow put her in the friends zone first--maybe say, "i feel like we'd be
good friends" or "let's hang out, I could always use more female friends."? I get the impression her text was
just to be polite, that she was just trying to be nice by responding and has no intention of talking to me
beyond this point. I'm not giving up though, I'm going to write back with something, just not sure what.

Any advice guys?