Original text openers and social openers are great ways to meet someone without the same routine that girls are already pre-programmed to deny. I've noticed a big leaning towards people who ask opinion openers, as well as situational openers. Text openers I feel are also very crucial to add to get an even better response later on down the road. This is one that has worked for me during this Christmas. Haven't talked to the girl in 2 years nd i chose her over another girl and she knows that. I small talked at the least and just gained contact thats when Christmas rolled around.

Merry Christmas! (or Any Holiday Which Involves Gift) What did you get me for a present?

1. She can either ignore you
2. Say she didn't get you a gift or not believe you, which is what you want and WORKS WELL
3. Actually get you a gift (which shouldn't be tried on a girl that would and is unlikely to someone you don't know extremely well)

If she says 2 Say- I got you a huge present

Don't tell her what it is. Really, YOU are just the present and if she asks when you see her give her a hug. The whole point is to meet up with her to take it to next level. Tell me if it works I would use this on Valentines Day if you know a girl that is single. Any others that work?