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    Default Going to attempt a 2nd date, need some advice

    So I met a girl about a week ago at a club, I was super smashed when I met her and I guess we talked for about 3 hours... She was with four other friends and my buddies refused to approach with me so I went in solo and focused on her primarily. Anyway, it was getting to be closing time and I was starting to get really sick (although not visibly so) so I snagged her number, the funny thing was as I called her number so she had mine, and as she walked away my phone froze and restarted so I lost her number. I was pissed for a while until she texted me about an hour later saying that she had my number, I waited a couple days before texting her back and she seemed really interested, she would text back instantly and I didn't have to lead the conversation at all. I asked if she would like to do something and she said she would love to, I asked her what she wanted to do and she suggested the cinema, so I said okay. The bad thing about that is that I was unable to really talk besides the short ride there and back, I made her laugh a lot when I did talk but cannot help but think that the date was overall kind of awkward because there would be pauses as I searched for something to say, and I didn't really feel like I was on my A game. I asked her if she would like to do something again sometime and she said sure... but who knows if she actually wants to. What do you guys think? When I text her what should I bring up? Should I even text her? How can I tell if she is still interested?

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    Default Re: Going to attempt a 2nd date, need some advice

    First stop second guessing yourself

    She said sure, roll with it get that "who knows if she wants to" business out of your head. Remember YOU'RE the prize here

    Next text opener has to be something unique and funny

    Tropics made a classic bank robbery opener here -

    Use that or anything else to establish more rapport then invite her out for an activity

    Not dinner, not a movie, not bowling

    Drinks are good, depending on where you are kayaking, sledding, ice skating, something unique and fun is great, or at a minimum to mini golf (but more unique is better)

    I got a nice motorcycle so a ride is my fall back date, cuz its really easy to end at my place with a movie, otherwise like kayaking or drinks
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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