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    Default Flakiest girl I've ever encountered.

    OK i had enough of this ... sorry but I'm actually gonna call her a bitch.
    Never encountered a bigger flaker in my entire life.

    I met this girl at a bar, its my female friends, friend.
    We exchanged number, we started texting .
    So my female friend, and one of my guy friend came over to my place to chill, and she was supposed to come as well. And it wasn't me asking her, it was my female friend.
    We waited and waited... and she didn't respond her phone...
    Seems like she was with this guy thats her "Friend". Flake number 1.

    The funny thing is that my female friend is even trying her best to hook us up, but she keeps on flaking.

    We kept on texting , i built attraction, but i realized i was a bit needy in the text messages, but it worked out a bit anyway, because she asked me if i wanted to go and see a Football game at hooters with her and her room mate at that same day 5.30.
    I asked if i could bring my friend, she said "yes bring anyone".'
    So we went there 5.30, nobody there. I texted her, no response.
    And then at 6 pm, she texted and said they had changed the venue.

    I know that at this point, you're not supposed to give any negative respond, but this was just a bit over the line so I mildly wrote.
    "Tell me earlier next time"
    And after that i said that i had a personal trainer appointment at 8 pm so i wouldnt make it anyway.

    I started to feel, "Damn this girl is SUPER good practice for text game " So i didnt want to give her up.

    She came over on Xmas eve for dinner, and we went to see a concert with her and her friends. The day after she texted me:

    "You made me really feel good last night, thank you "

    We kept on texting , this time, i felt the game was going awesome. I waited 30 min with each response, and acted like i didnt give a shit and wrote short messages, her messages was LONG as hell.. sometimes she wrote 2-3 messages in a row with a lot of smilies.

    It got to the point that she asked ME "We should chill. If you can?"
    Me: "Cool, you been to mulholland dr and seen the view"
    She: "Nope "
    Me: "Ill take you there tomorrow night"
    She: "Okay "
    Me: "7pm ok?"
    She : "Yes"

    We texted the day after and everything was fine, until 30 minutes before we're supposed to go out:

    Her: I think i'm gonna stay home and chill and assemble my furniture that arrived.
    Me: I'm a master of assembling stuff. I could give you a hand.

    Texted her the day after, nothing about the flakiness at all.
    No response..

    waited 2 days, after now i texted:
    Me: Thats wierd... i just saw a guy that looks exactly like you.
    She: What!
    Me: I didnt know that you made a gender change.'

    (Her response 10 hours later)

    Her: Lol that's funny maybe I have a twin :O

    Me: Maybe
    (2 hours later)
    Me: Be happy you're not Asian. Everyone would be your twin.

    Her: Hahaha... True

    Me: Do you have Asians in Pittsburgh ? (She's from there)

    Her: Heaps
    Her: They all go to the uni.

    Me: Pittsburgh Uni? lol
    Me: Theres a university in Sweden for blondes, where they teach you how to turn on lights and how to open doors (She's blonde).

    Her: Durr
    Her: Wow really?! Omg thats such a smart idea

    Me: I can recommend you as a teacher.
    Me: What do you actually work with here btw?

    And she didn't respond AGAIN.

    AND HERE I AM frustrated and angry..
    because when i'm with her, meeting her, she's fucking awesome, things go perfect, but as soon as it goes over to the digital world, everything goes to hell.

    I have theories about her fucking another guy. And i heard stuff about it.

    Please i would be SO grateful if anyone could help me
    What am i doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Flakiest girl I've ever encountered.

    Wow no one has helped this guy out after nearly a week, I have basically the same problem dude, I'm Freezing Her Out so maybe you should do the same ?

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    Default Re: Flakiest girl I've ever encountered.

    Challenge - I posted on your feed,

    Rozzy, basically applies to the same stuff check it out here

    In general, you are showing way too much neediness and availability to her. A lot of girls are inconsistent like this, you have to do the same things. For example

    " Her: I think i'm gonna stay home and chill and assemble my furniture that arrived.
    Me: I'm a master of assembling stuff. I could give you a hand. "

    You should not have made your availability to her quite so clear

    Read challenges post for the basics of text game

    But for both of you it works like this - if you're always available for a girl you're telling her there's nothing she needs to do to get your approval, so she will not value you very highly
    If you are inconsistent (like they are doing to both of you), girls start to wonder why you're not all over them. They will want that validation returned so they will start to flirt slightly harder, don't take the bait immediately!, you gotta make her work for it
    It shows her you're looking for someone with certain qualities and she has to prove herself to you, it also shows her that when you do select and accept her it's because she's earned it and she is valuable instead of some girl you're settling for just cuz she's hot
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval


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