Hi people!

I've made an iphone app for sending private messages to people.

Its called "Hush Private Messenger" and its free on the app store!

I made the app because sometimes you might want to send a message to someone that might be "sensitive" and you really don't want it forwarded to someone else. You kind of want what ever your saying to be private without there being a record of the message being sent.

You cant copy or take a snapshot or forward any message sent via Hush.

If your messing with a girl and you don't want her friend or boyfriend etc.. to see anything your saying to her, this app is for you. Think how many people have been caught out by people taking snaps of their conversations, or forwarding on whats been sent to them on their iphones. Hush stops that happening!

Whatever you send cant be traced back to you if you send it via Hush.. No one can prove you sent anything to anyone on this. Cant really get much more secure!

Its not designed to take over iMessage or Whatsapp etc.. its a special service, designed for when you need to keep things on the low ;-)

Its free for everyone.. Let me know what you think..