Ahhhh text game; I'm old school and I hate this sh1t but realize it's just a part of living in a brand new world.

Here's something that works well for me...memory is based on two thing: recognition and recall.

Recognition is often through the senses; sight, smell, hearing, touch, etc. If I smell freshly baked poundcake it automatically reminds me of going to my grandma's old house as a kid. It's been 20 years since I last stepped into that house.

Recall: You going through the hard-drive you call a brain and sifting through the data which takes a LOT of work. I read once that the human brain holds the equivalent of 100 terabytes of info. That's a sh1tload of illegally pirated songs and PUA ebooks! Unfortunately for us the brain doesn't come with a defrag tool which means that sh1t gets cluttered up rather quickly. That's why if you wait too long to talk to a girl you met over the weekend, there's so much info she's taken in that she's probably forgotten about you.

So obviously it's easier with recognition but it's not like we can hear or smell anything through a text message, right? But with the advent of modern technology we can send picture texts and bingo there's your visual.

I started testing this a few months ago and have gotten way better results with getting responses.

I'll start with taking something we talked about, for example I was talking to this chick on Saturday who's into Joss Whedon shows and loved Firefly. So all I did was went on Google images and found a pic of Summer Glau, who played River on the show. I sent it to her and said, "Everytime you call me this is going to pop up. Actually something funny happened today that reminded me of you."

She responded with, "LMAO! Really what?"

"I can't tell ya, it's a secret...but you should save this picture (sent one of Nathan Fillion who played the lead on Firefly) as my pic. ;-)"

"LOL, OMG that's awesome! Tell me!"

I waited about 30 minutes and texted, "Hey just got slammed here, I'll call you tonight." To which she said, "Cool, k"

Called her at 7ish and she picked up the phone...talked for 10 minutes and set up a Day 2.

I never even told her what had reminded me of her. =)

Try it out and let me know how it works for you.