I see so many guys set goals, but not achieve them.

Like even to the point of setting 10 goals, and getting 0 ticked off by their due date.

Here's how to change that!

But, it won't be comfortable to many of you.

1. Wake up early, and make your first hour count.

If you want to get better at conversation wake up an hour early and practice, you will get amazing. If you want to get killer at martial arts, and wake up an hour early you will dominate it. If you want to master social skills, and wake up an hour early and read book on social skills you will get better.

2. Leverage yourself to the max.

Literally tell people about your goals, post threads on them, get it out in the public sphere, so you will look like a total idiot if you don't achieve it. There is a big difference between a girl who wants to lose weight and keeps it to herself, and a woman who wants to lose weight and enters a bikini contest in 6 months time and tells everyone about it.

3. Remind yourself about your goals, on an hourly basis if you can.

The more often you look at your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them. Simple. When I set my NYC goal, I literally plastered my room with posters. Before I dated a 10 I did about 1000 different missions just to get them into my head, and make it real. From photoshopping pictures of me with hot girls, to simply talking to the hottest girls, to putting pictures on my dreamboard, to loads of others.

4. Set a timer on your goal.

Many people set a goal for a future date, but not many have a countdown timer telling them how much time they have left. Make it as visible as possible, and let that timer burn into your head.

5. Ask for help.

I wanted to achieve financial freedom and a passive income, and improve my money habits, beliefs and attitudes. So I posted a project on elance and was totally honest, open, and downright vulnerable. I asked for help. And a CEO from a large financial firm offered to coach me for free for as long as it took me to achieve financial abundance, and would set me up with a large amount of assistance, e.g. merchant accounts, opening companies in the USA and more. You'd be amazed at how many people are willing to help you right now if you eat a little humble pie and put yourself out there, and honestly ask for assistance.

6. Start with small goals to build your confidence.

You'll never climb Everest on your first climb, neither will your achieve a big goal on your first try ever. In my experience when someone first sets a goal, they aim way too high and unrealistic. Start small, build your confidence, gain momentum.

7. Break your goal into daily habits.

I guarantee there are daily habits you could spend 20-30mins on every day that would make achieving your goal pretty easy. You need to figure those out, and do them every day without fail. Rome wasn't built in a day.

8. Network.

I bet someone you know, or someone one of your friends knows has either achieved your goal, or could help you achieve it pretty easily. Find them, offer lots of value, and beg them if you have to. Its not what you know, its who you know. Valuable timeless advice.

9. Stop looking for a magic pill, or externally for the solution.

This may seem to contradict the last one, but really someone who is self-reliant, and self-trusting, and self-sufficient to a high level, will make much better use of the help when it arrives than someone who is wanting for someone else to do it for them. Work is called work for a reason. Enjoy putting in lots of effort.

10. Don't be so easily discouraged.

You are going to fall. You are going to fail. You are going to want to give up. You will want to quit. You will hate your goal sometimes. You will get sick of everything. You will get angry, and frustrated. Thats what makes success so enjoyable.