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Thread: 2nd Date Advice

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    Default 2nd Date Advice

    I went out on a first date with a girl I had known for awhile. There was already a good level of attraction from her to begin with. The first date went okay. There was Kino, but I never closed with a kiss.

    Here's the problem. I've been having confidence issues, which is why I never asked her out for a second date. Also, I thought there were some mixed signals from her during the first date. She hinted a second date, but we ended with a hug. It was a hug where she patted me on the back but more of a nervous pat.

    It's been a month and a half since that first date. I think I've finally cleared my head and want to ask her out again. But with the 6-week break, is this situation at all salvageable?

    She's not a one-itis. I just want to see if I can get a second date before calling it quits.

    Any thoughts on how I can explain why it took me so long to call again?

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    Default Re: 2nd Date Advice

    we're all human, we got lives to live = you are busy. Tell her you never forgot about her, just that work and family have been taking up a lot of time (even if it's not true) .. those are 2 good values that you can say without her getting angry.

    A girl will ALWAYS show mixed signs and a kiss close is not always needed. It's how the entire date went, some girls prefer a slower pace, while some are nuts. I think you should message her something like.. "way to keep in touch with me!, drinks this Saturday, first one on you!" .. this is playful, makes it seem like it's partially her fault too.

    when and IF you see her again, then open with a hug and try to continue where you guys left off.

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