So here is the situation:

I have been flirting with this girl for a while , Kino, and shes made a big effort to come see me a few times. We havent even kissed closed because she has a boyfriend, but the attraction is blindingly apparent. One day I held back on telling her I like her more than just a friend, and I am pretty sure she knew what I was going to say, but I dint want to do it over the phone and I said we need to meet up so I can tell in her person what I am thinking. She agreed....but then kept prying about whats on my mind. I insisted it has to wait till we meet....(because I was going get her to admit she likes me first, kiss close, and then tell her I feel the same).

She gets incredibly pissed/passive aggressive the next couple days and I freeze her out for a couple of weeks. We talk again...things are ok but a little awkward. I try to keep it light, but she goes into awkward/sad mode.

My question to you guys is this. Should I drop the tough guy act a little and say something like:

1) "Hey I have noticed things between us have been kind of odd the last few weeks and I cant help but feel that something is waying heavy on your mind. Lets talk about it"


2) "Hey I know I have been acting weird the last few weeks, but I guess my feeling got the best of me...(she will ask about that)...I dont think this will come as a big surprise but when I first met you i thought you were cool, and the more I got to know you my feelings towards you have only intensified. My interest towards you goes beyond just friends but its not right because you have a bf. Thats where my apprenhension comes from....I never met a girl like you but I dont want to jeopardize what you have with "bf's name".

or another way to bring our issue into light?