So i met pretty cool chick online about 2 months ago, chatted online for couple of days, got her number, asked her to come for drinks she said cool sounds good, made plans for Friday on Tue. Friday rolls around i text her around 4 to see whats the plan is, she didn't reply till about 6 cuz she said she was sleeping (worked night shift) she said she should be ok for 8 if she rushes, i said no worry we can hang out other day, she asked me nicely if we could hang out on Sunday instead, i said cool. sunday rolls around we went for coffe everything went great talked for about 3 hours but needed to cut it short (she works nights).
after that we talked thru text for about 4 days, i asked her if she wants to come over for supper, she said ya for sure( sounded very excited about it) so we made plans for tue. Tue comes around she came over for supper, brought her dog, everything was great had nice meal, good date imo.
after that we talked for about 4 days, i offered her to bring her coffe to work becouse i was leaving for 2 weeks, she said cool, brought her coffee, she looked happy to see me.
Now that where we get confuced..
while i was away, texted her see if she wants to hang out when i am back, she said yes of course, so we made plans for monday to see movie, monday comes around her head hurts so she asked to go another day, i agreed but no date set.. talked to her via text for next week and hinted we should go see movie, she said for sure so i said how about sunday.. sunday come around, i text her around 3 to see whats the plan... get no reply till like 10 she said her grand ma had mild heart attack and she was rusing to the hospital and forgot her phone at home.. well i didnt make it seem like i was mad, just said hope grand ma is ok and u gonna owe me big time.. she knew i was kidding.. we contunie talk for about a week after she said we should go see that movie.. i say cool when, she says sun ok deal. i contunie talking to her during the week and on friday ask her if we still cool for sunday.... get no reply till TUE!!! she said her phone was broken and she just got it to work, i said ok cool. i was pretty mad deleted her number.
Now... that girl in 2 months of knowing me only texted me first 4 times.. but if i text her she is always happy to talk to me, like she will wright full sentences, no 1 word answers, always askes questions, jokes around, uses lots of emotions..
after i deleted her number she the one who texted me and tried to start convo...
i am very confused on what to do.. any help guys? she always up to hang out and seems excited when i ask her, and happy to talk to me, but i keep getting ditched!