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    Default How do I get this one to meet?

    So there is this girl that I have been talking to for a few months (she has a bf) and we both clearly like each other. Ive been gaming her and we've been flirting, some sex talk, seen each other a few times with some Kino Escalation ( but no kiss yet), she sends cute and sexy non-nude pics.

    Been trying to get her to admit she likes me, but shes kind of shy and has a bf.... I have also been trying to get her to meet up the last few weeks, but it hasnt happened for a few reasons (even though we both have wanted to) so i can tell her this stuff in person. It reached a point where someone had to say something so I let the cat out of the bag (over text) after she was asking me whats up, and I let her know I was interested in her than more than just friends.

    She gave me a few sh1t tests of "But why? We havent hung out that much"..." I have a boyfriend"....I didnt reply to either of those texts and she then proceeded to say we should talk ...I agreed...she proceeded to ask details about how long I have liked her and why.

    In my opinion...if she didnt have an interest back the conversation would have ended with "I have a boyfriend" ..since I didn't reply at all and she kept wanting to know more details (along with all our past flirting and stuff), I think she may want to pursue this.

    So she does want to talk about this....shes clearly comfortable doing so over the phone or with texting, but I really need to get this girl to meet face to face so we can talk , but also so I can seduce her and get a kiss to seal the deal. Any ideas on what to say to ensure, or at least get her comfortable/want to meet in person to discuss this? The only thing I can think of is "If we are going to have this conversation, we are both adults, and we owe it to ourselves to have this conversation in person."...although that does seem a bit like pressure and I want to make this a non stressful and "enjoyable" situation so she is not defensive.

    P.S. Its not an ideal situation, and I always stay away from attached girls...but this one is my ideal girl and worth pursuing. They are not married, not engaged, and clearly her man is not enough if shes paying me all this attention. I dont really want to hear any input about how its wrong to steal a girl, just need some advice on how to get this girl to be comfortable enough to meet up in person aagain, now that everything is out in the open (versus jsut meeting up before as friendly flirting friends).
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