So I met this stripper about 4 weeks ago at the Strip Club and I did a Number Close. We have been texting sporadically and I've been trying to get her out on a date so I can bang her and knock this off my bucket list.
She's 27 and has a 9 year old kid and I'm 24.

This is how our last few texts went down:

Me: Stop!
Her: Stop what babe?
Me:Stop smiling and thinking about me. See, you're doing!
Her: That's cute
Me: I know you aren't doing anything this Thursday noon. I'm taking you out for lunch. I'll pick you up.

Now I sent this last night and she hasn't responded. I was trying to be dominant and get her to come out. What did I do wrong? Should I wait to text her back or let her text me? What can I say if I should text her back?