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    Exclamation A test for those PUA's LIVE ACTION

    Talking to a girl in one of my classes, decided to flirt a little with her. This is some of the conversation..

    Me- Hey slacker! Want to meet before class tomorrow and go over ECE homework?

    Her- Hah. Ill let you know after I finish that hw. Did you already finish it?

    Me- No, I'm studying for my vector text

    Her- Well thats important too. You can always do the hw during class hah

    Me- But then I'll miss the amazing well prepared lectures he always gives. ((This guy is a first year teacher, HE SUCKS!))

    Her- Oh yeah... But then you can watch the videos online. ((Damn, didn't catch my sarcasm, ill try a little harder now))

    Me- Lol, you're trying to make me into a slacker huh? Ill have the hw done don't worry. Id just like a pair of beautiful eyes look over my answers.

    Her- "These are not the eyes you are looking for" *waves hand* ((START WARS REFERENCE! HOT!))

    Me- Jedi mind tricks don't work on another Jedi young padawan. "Much to learn this one has"
    ((little to nerdy, idc))

    Her- Honestly I dont remember much else from star wars. Thats just what came to mind. ((*palm to face*))

    Me- Haha okay. Well, if you dont want to double check answers that's fine. I can find another.

    Her- ((1 hour later)) I dont mind going over hw together, but I dont want to hear about beutiful eyes.

    ME- ((YOU TELL ME what to say, you have 10 minutes from the time I post this))

    ** Hey, since nobody responded in time I went along with the conversation and used some PUA tips. Went well. I still want to see what you guys think so, post away please.
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