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    Default Jkwan's Text Game: A few actual conversations

    Hey guys, I know how helpful it is to see some actual responses to the text messages on this forum so I've posting a few of my own (plus a bad one or two haha). I've edited out some personal stuff/changed names around, but otherwise they are word for word. There's a lot of general advice out there, but for me I try to keep the texts fun, flirty, and unique, trying to be the one to end the conversation before it dies out. Enjoy!

    First text to girl I number closed here

    Me: Katie! It was fun meeting you last night...maybe I'll see ya around campus!

    (a joke from our conversation in which we noted how people use the phrase "maybe I'll see ya around campus" to blow someone off they have no intention to see again. So i'm kind of negging her saying i might see her around randomly. Because of this inside joke, I don't have to say the typical "hey it's mike from yesterday" because i've made it obvious)

    Her: Mike, Hi! Are you gonna make sure I see you around?
    Me: Actually I was thinking of becoming nocturnal to keep you from stalking me .
    Her: Haha! Well then I'll def not be seeing you around
    Me: haha maybe we'll run into each other at [some notoriously sketchy bar where older dudes go], i know you go there all the time
    Her: only one special occasions when I wanna dance
    Me: Do you do coffee? or is that only for "special occasions"
    Her: yeah I love coffee
    Me: let's get some this week then, what's your schedule like?
    Her: Would Tuesday afternoon work for you?

    and so on.

    few days later, after some small talk

    Her: So when do I get to learn your last name so I can stalk you? Is that only once we have our first date? (when we met I told her that I didn't want her facebooking me, and didn't tell her my last name)

    Me: Hmm...maybe if you buy me a fancy dinner. I'm not that easy
    Her: What if you buy me dinner and I bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies?
    Me: Maybe. I'll think about it and let you know next week.
    Her: haha ok

    Here's a convo I had with a girl using Tropic's bank robber opener from this thread:

    Me: Im robbing a bank this weekend--I could use a partner in crime
    Her:Oh really? I would need more details before I could commit
    Me: Basically i'd do most of the work. you just stay back and distract the cops, maybe dress up or something?
    Her: haha I think I could handle that. Wear something low cut and distracting usually works
    Me: Actually you'd probably just get in the way. I'll just go it alone.
    Her: Gee thanks. I'll guess I'll have to save my outfit for a different crime then.
    Me: You could wear it next time we hang out--ya know, just so it doesn't go to waste
    Her: If I had to yes I suppose I could. But I would to know when.
    Me: How bout wednesday night?

    etc. This one was recent, and I think she was dissappointed I didn't say Tuesday (valentines day) instead. But in general a good, flirty conversation.

    Of course, I've had a few that weren't so great. Mostly from when I was starting out. Here's a few:

    Me (first text after day game): So the next 5 girls I talked to today weren't anywhere near as friendly as you.

    No response

    Me: Hey it's Mike from the other day, wanna grab coffee tomorrow?
    Her: Nope, I don't think so. But thanks for the offer!

    Me: So I think I met your twin at a bar last night. Do you have a slighter taller sister?
    Her: haha nope just a brother
    Me: I figured as much. She had kind of a weird accent anyway, not that your voice isn't kinda weird.

    No response.

    Haha, you gotta laugh at yourself sometimes right? Anyway hope some of these conversations give you an idea of how to being flirty and unique when you are texting a girl. Best of luck out there.


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    Default Re: Jkwan's Text Game: A few actual conversations

    The first two were great to see what to do to move forward, and the second two were great to learn what not to do haha. Thanks for the pointers

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    Default Re: Jkwan's Text Game: A few actual conversations

    If she was'nt up for coffee why in the flying f*** did she give you her number?

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