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When a guy has success with a woman, it is very common for himpost a detailed report to share hs experiences and give and receive advice. There doesn't have to be all the intimate details, but there should be the interactions between the pua and the woman so that other guys can break down what he did right and what he did wrong. These reports can be used to not only learn from, but it is a fantastic way to find somebody in your area to help improve your game.

While being a lone wolf can work with meeting women, it doesn't do as good of a job helping your social skills which is critical for most guys to really find true improvements. Now it is not critical to post these reports, and there are some great books available that will help you analyze what you are doing right, nothing beats peer interaction and review. You definitely need this type of peer review and interaction to become better, as it is just not possible to see areas of improvement to report on without another person analyzing you.

Not sure where you can meet a guy who is looking to become better with women, who has the same level of dating skills as yourself? Look to various online resources such as the find a local wingman section of this site.

Also having a place to post these results is going to help you solicit advice and you can share what you learn with this group. Together as a group, you can find out what women want from the men they are dating.

Something that comes for free with these types of reports is usually the exact tips and tricks the guy used in the interaction. Not any single one of of these things by themselves are going to teach you everything, but if all of these aspects are applied in equal measure and with the expectation that the positive results will occur over time, then your success with women will improve dramatically. And before you know it.. your real question will be... do I want to have a girlfriend? But that is a great place to be in life.

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