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In my experience, one of the biggest turnoffs to women is men acting like juveniles with them. You know what Iím talking about. Iím talking about the men who act like teenagers around women. I mean, these guys have literally no idea what women want. They are the ones who burp and fart and talk crudely in front of women are not going to get laid. This does not work. Let me repeat that: it does not work.

What does work? I know thousands of things that work that I cannot include in just one article. However, if you have the time, attending an intensive bootcamp what you need to know.

Sometimes pickup up women involves learning a few memorized funny pick up routines because once a woman is laughing she is open to getting to know you.

At a boot camp, you will learn how to be your best self, and fine tune your understanding of what women want. This is an intensive course that will remain with you and benefit you for a lifetime.

What you learn can help you meet thousands of women or just one Ė the woman of your dreams. It is all up to you.

What I donít think most men realize is that learning to be a successful pickup artist boils down to learning how to be a better man. It is about learning how to have more self esteem. It is about learning how to be the best man you can be. It is also about being a man, not a boy. It is all about self improvement. This experience will also give you a chance to meet with other men just like yourself who may end becoming friends for life.

It is all about leaving juvenile behavior behind, being a man and meeting amazing, wonderful women. Women want a real man. They want someone who is a nice guy, but who isnít a pushover. They want someone who knows that they deserve an amazing relationship. Women want a man, not a child.

The first step is realizing that there is room for improvement and taking steps to do so.

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