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The phrase, Pick Up Artist (PUA), began in the 1970s with a book written by Eric Weber called “How to Pick Up Girls.” The point of this book was to teach men how to date the most attractive women. Also during this time, a magazine began that offered advice to men on how to “pick up” the girls that he desires called Pick Up Times. The 1970s in America were the times that people began to discuss this issue, and felt the need to impart their wisdom in order to help other men who were having trouble dating the women they wanted to date.

Why Do Men Want To Be a PUA?

The main reason that men come to is because they cannot get a date with the women that they consider to be “the hottest.” They can’t do this because they are not the best-looking guys in the room. They don’t make the most money and they do not wear the most expensive clothes. They don’t have the highest-paying jobs and they don’t drive the high-priced sports cars that always seem to impress the ladies. All of these reasons make it necessary to have another plan other than presenting himself as he is.

When men who fit the description above enter a bar or a party, they don’t receive the attention they desire. They either try too hard to get women to talk to them or they remain in the background hoping someone will put them out of their misery and approach them. For the average man, this does not generally happen. These men need to take matters into their own hands and make it happen for themselves, but they don’t always know how to do this.

The Benefits of Being a Good PUA

When a man learns the proper technique of being a good Pick Up Artist, he increases his desirability immensely. He then can show off to his friends the women that he is able to date, while they are still struggling to find someone to say, “Hello” to them. As other women see that there are a bunch of other gorgeous women being seen with this one man, more and more of them will show an interest in him, too. The new Pick Up Artist will not be able to keep his calendar free after this starts to happen for him.

The Pick Up Artist technique works for all men, no matter what they look like. Men who are short, fat and bald do not have go on a diet and start working out in order to be successful at dating beautiful women. They will not have to contemplate painful hair restoration or plastic surgery. If he employs the techniques of being a Pick Up Artist, the women will be coming to him for the privilege of being the latest prospect on his arm.

The Future of the PUA Industry

The Pick Up Artist industry appears to be going strong into the future; the growing influence of the Internet has contributed to the industry’s growth with several blogs and forums about the concept of pick up artistry that abound. Schools that teach men the best techniques in Pick Up Artistry are all over the Internet with the purpose of instructing men on how to date the most attractive females. They do this in classroom settings where men can learn from all sorts of different products such as videos and online games. Some of the courses that are offered include improving self-esteem as well as their sexual techniques and how to conduct themselves within a relationship.

Schools are not the only way for men to learn the ways of the Pick Up Artist. Men can have one-on-one coaching from a Pick Up Artist Coach if that will make them feel more comfortable. They also have the option of taking part in a phone call with a consultant. Still some men like the idea of attending bootcamps for learning new dating strategies and others may opt to attend a seminar. With all of these choices around, it does not appear that the PUA industry is about to die in the near future.