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There are so many great resources available to people looking to improve their lives. Most people go through life and are happy to be who they are without actively trying to make things better for themselves. Even if you are not trying to learn to be an expert with women and are just looking to become a better person in life, it takes work and dedication to achieve results.

One of the simplest ways to start and stay consistent on your journey is to find a friend who is on the same path to becoming better. This can be achieved by becoming more active in your social circle who may be willing to mentor you and assist with your growth. Another method is to start reading self improvment books.

Not all of these books have to be boring, in fact a few are actually great stories that read easily and have good stories to them. I would also try to focus on books that will show you examples of being a great flirt.

There is nothing worse than a a boring book that is just facts and not engaging, compelling you to keep turning the pages to learn more. Those books are a waste of time, and are not going to help you improve in a woman's eyes. So be sure to read reviews from readers and check the popularity of these books before you buy anything. Some stores allow you browse their books before you need to commit to a long term purchase.

Remember, being great with women is about being your best self along with mastering and delivering what women want in the ideal mate. And this will transmit into knowing exactly what you want out of a relationship when the time is right for you.

With this new found ability, you will see that you can become less and less reliant on finding that canned routine and will instead find that just being your best self will be enough to attract and seduce the women that you deserve, and it will work if you are using this to get better at meeting women.

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