The Bad Boy Formula Review

The Bad Boy formula is a program created by Carlos Xuma to help men move from the Nice guy to the true alpha male we were created to be. The format used is a web based program that runs off flash media. It’s broken up into 16 videos with an additional 6 MP3’s, and 4 PDF manuals. This is so much content that it still hasn’t all sunk in. This is by far one of the most information packed programs I have ever seen. No fluff here, just raw content. If this stuff doesn’t kick your ass into shape, I don’t know if anything out there will. This program could be broken up into two main categories: the psychology of a bay boy, and the method of a bad boy. It’s almost half and half with tons of content on each. Carlos breaks the thinking and attitude down in great detail making it easy to understand how and why this stuff works. Then after creating the framework he delves into the tactics and methods that can be used to move yourself out of the “nice guy” frame and into the role of a true alpha male. This is high quality, high intensity information that can and will change the way you approach, neg, and talk to women in general. Not just that but it also will make sure you don’t revert back to the soft AFC Nice guy ways by challenging you to make lifestyle changes that will lead you to greater success. bad-boy-video Carlos starts off by talking thought the full range of personality types that are out there. Everything from the “nice guy” all the way to the abusive man, nothing is left out. In this process he breaks down the fact that the idea of a Bad boy is not that of a jerk, but of a mix of a player, nice guy, and a bad boy creating an Alpha man. This is a theme that resounds throughout the entire program. Carlos quickly dispels several myths that the bad boy is the jerk or a player, but is what women really want. In fact he shows that the Bad Boy is the man that women really want because he is the man who is not afraid to be who he really is. Unapologetically Alpha! This is what we want to be. The man who walks into the room and heads turn because they know the party just walked in with him! One of the many things that I enjoyed about this program was that Carlos takes the times to make it clear that being a Bad Boy is not being an ass hole. So many times people assume that because someone is a Bad Boy that they must be a jerk, lie to women, and take advantage of them. In this program you don’t get that vibe. I realized that Carlos has a great respect for women and what they have to offer. He showed this many times, and for that I give him much respect. What he does give you in this program is a formula to apply to your life that will create and cultivate attraction with women from the first moment you meet them. The reality is that the bad boy really isn’t the bad boy at all. He is a good mix of the Nice guy and the Bad boy creating an Alpha male that knows how to be a man, while at the same time isn’t disrespectful and can still show chivalry. This program is more about calibration than anything. It’s learning that balance of when to bust her balls and when to reel her back into you. This is James Bond kind of game, smooth, classy but with an edge and a lack of care about what other people think about you. This disconnect is vital and Carlos explains that on multiple occasion even drawing in some examples from some classic movies.

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I would love to go into great detail about all the amazing content this program provides; however, there isn’t enough time or paper for me to do so! What I would like to say and address is the type of person that could best learn from this program. This program was created for that person who is the low voice in the room, the man who has a hard time getting noticed, and the one that no one seems to want to talk to. Carlos focuses this program towards creating a new man out of what you already have. He doesn’t just tear down the nice guy, he explains how to bump your game up, push it to the next level by learning to be yourself. I could honestly say this program is as much about self help as it is about pick up. This program with out a doubt plugged some holes in my game and gave me a fresh look at some things. If you are coming out of a long term relationship, a divorce, or a really bad break up that left you doubting you ability, get this program. If you are constantly getting thrown in the friend’s zone with women, get this program. If you want to become a new man and change the way you think, get this program. Watch it, apply it, and become a Bad Boy!