I'm a beginner, in the sense of actually doing anything. Fed up with my current state as we all were at times. Not long ago I was very shy, but I've been working on this. I watched the Stealth Attraction videos, just read Tao Of Badass, and also read conquer your campus. I'm in my final semester of college and looking to completely turn things around in a dramatic way immediately. So what should I read? I basically suck at everything except interacting once I'm in a state of comfort. I also don't want to learn too much about routines, I'd prefer to just work on inner game and stuff so that I can make this stuff natural. Should I read a general books? Body language? Approach?

Thanks. And I'll gladly give more info if need be. But I don't have a sh1t ton of time on my hands so I don't want a long drawn out book.