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    Default Are you sad, depressed, crazy with breakup angst? So was I...

    So I have been trying natural ways to boost my mood. I have had ups and downs most of my life, but there's always been something lacking

    The week I started taking Niacin, I F-Closed twice pretty easily the following weekend so I don't know if its just me evolving as a PUA or dumb luck, but this stuff really has put me in a calm state when I'm gaming women.

    There are 2 types. One is a Nicotinic Acid. The other is a no flush formula called Inositol Hexanicotinate. Nicontinic Acid produces a flush effect in the skin by dilating blood vessels, its the stuff you want.

    I started with a 500mg dose with food but to provide benefits with depression and anxiety articles stated that higher doses of 2000mg-4000mg were needed so you just gradually move up after you adjust to the flush.

    This stuff is just vitamin B3. It boosts energy and metabolism as well as produces a calming effect on the body. I highly recommend it. I really feel like I can function much better than I have every been able to in my life.

    I bought the brand Swiss Naturals, 500mg dosage per pill. Any Nicontic Acid should work though.

    I hope this is useful. Its a miracle for me so do some research and try it out.

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    Default Re: Are you sad, depressed, crazy with breakup angst? So was I...


    I actually started taking a B- 150 multi-complex + 1000mg biotin, when I was playing in my rock band. I did that to make my hair grow faster.... & DANG did it ever!!

    But, it also had a bonus effect of calmness, alertness & energy.

    So, I can say from personal experience, your post is legit!

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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