So it's been 7 months since I started gym and weight training, I'm so glad I did it and well now I have and overall nice toned an ripped body. Since then I have noticed the girl which I know being more interested in me, in fact I get girls asking me if they can touch my muscles and sometime I let me touch the D too in private. So have any of you guys noticed the same thing ? Girls around getting more interested because of your body shape ? Let me know! And also as a bouns for me is that now I get people paying me just to go gym with them and help them out!
I would also like to give a berif adivce to the beginners. 1. Do not try to impress people around u in the Gym by using a lot of weights and not doing the exercies correctly! 2. I say this to everyone its not about how much you weight u use its about using the correct tenchnique and doing more sets and reps will give you faster results! 3. Diet is very important, make sure you have protein rich diet! And eat at least 5 times depending your weight and lifestyle.