ok guys. Im new to the pua world, but iv been playing sports since i was about 8 and have always tried to keep myself fit. Due to a break in my mid teens, i put on a bit of a gut which i am now loosing.

but what many guys looking to attract girls want is a masculine physique. basically, to get ripped. instead of wasting months and months on crash diets and different lifting plans, please just listen to a few simple tips from me as i have a bit of experience in this field.

so your starting to lift.. where to begin?

what i would recommend is to avoid weight machines altogether, as they are nowhere near as good as other techniques, forcing your body into unnatural movements and isolating muscle groups. most of the time, you wont even feel a burn with them.

i highly recommend finding a programme which involves alot of compound movement lifts such as dead-lifts, bench press, squats etc. these will help your body build muscle quicker, work more muscles at once than a machine and give you strength which can be used in everyday life. overall with compound movements, you will not only build muscle faster but also force your body to burn more fat after exercise to make itself recover.

essential to getting ripped is your diet. i recommend eating healthy foods and eating small frequent meals so that you never force your body into starvation mode, when it will begin to store fat. this also makes it much easier for you to control the quantities eaten as it can prevent over eating. without a good diet, you will never ever get the body you deserve and your work in the gym will go to waste. a big issue with people is soda, and due to the detrimental effects soda drinks have on your diet, if recommend just drinking water. your body was not made to drink soda, and when you get used to it, water will be much more fulfilling and refreshing. make water easily accessible in bottles in your car, and every room of the house, so that it is never a chore to get some.