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    Default My Review of David X

    A while back, I saw somebody recommend a free e-book on here by a guy named David X. Apparently this book could help you out with confidence and approach when it came to interacting with women. Being interested in any form of pick-up literature, especially a free grab, I checked it out. After a whole month of reading and testing, I can safely assume what my grade for this article is.

    The whole book centers around one important concept: honesty.

    The message is virtually honesty with her and honesty with yourself. According to David, being honest with yourself means to not deceive yourself and recognize the circumstances. You are a man, and you are dominant. Don't let women Take Away your dominance. Through honesty towards another woman, one can gain many different advantages that are described in the book itself.

    The content in the David X reading was incredibly interesting. The flow of the content is great, and the stuff he provides in there have actually yielded me some good results. David X's take on what I usually label as "painful honesty" is an approach to pick-up that I have not seen before, and it can do a lot to improve a man's inner and outer game.

    My only problem with the book was not what the content was. It was how the content was displayed. Even though it is 26 pages, it feels like there are five pages packed into each and every one. The size and length of the text makes you feel like it takes forever to read just one single page. This caused me to detract often.

    However, the seemingly endless feel to the book did have its benefits. It forced me to take breaks and absorb what I had read. Given my busy college schedule, it also gave me time to initiate and carry out what I had learned in the real world. If you're a person who could knock out this book in one straight shot, then be my guest.

    In summary, if you're looking to revolutionize how you talk to and approach women, read this book. I have actually found a boost in my confidence and less fear in doing anything through simply telling the truth. What's a woman to do if you don't lie to her?
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    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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