Have you heard of this new phenomenon called "The Adonis Effect?"

If you haven't... no worries.

I'll spare you the gory details but apparently, a few smart guys have figured out a key ingredient to physical attraction with women.

And, if you're like me... you'll at the very least find the principles behind this quite facinating.

You see, according to these guys... Brad Howard, Brad Pilon, and John Barban... not only does research prove that women tend to be physically attracted to men of a certain "build"...

... but that this build can be reverse engineered using a specific "ratio" to help any man get to his most attractive physical state... based on the women YOU WANT are looking for.

It's like knowing the subconcious mind of a woman... so you can MAXIMIZE all of your first impressions.

Seriously, according to these guys, it doesn't matter what you look like right now... this formula will work for you.

Also, it's the same formula used by famous "casanovas" and "confidence" men in almost every story you've heard about.

I have to confess, I was a little skeptical in the beginning but I went to the site, watched the intro video, and downloaded my free sample...

... and I suggest you do the same.

The Adonis Effect

I'm not sure how long they're keeping the free sample available so it's best to check it out now before they pull it.

Anyways, check it out and let me know if you guys agree how great it is.