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    Default Good Storytelling Books?

    Right now, I'm looking for some good books on storytelling and how to carry out a really interesting story in person. I was wondering if anybody on the forums has read any books of the kind, or can point me to any resources on storytelling? Wherever I go on Google, I can't seem to find one that really sticks on me, except for Wired for Story.

    Any recommendations from the members of the forum?
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    Default Re: Good Storytelling Books?

    I'm unable to recommend any books for you but, what I can recommend is to find a close & reliable friend who won't be shy about criticizing your story telling. Tell him/her your story and ask him/her to take notes about your flaws like your voice tone, accurate pauses, etc. if there is any.

    If you can't find a friend who is capable of analyzing your storytelling, what you can do is you can record your voice while storytelling. I guess you have what it takes to analyze storytelling properly but analyzing yourself won't be possible while you are telling the story, so that's why you record it.

    I wouldn't listen to my record right after though. I'd wait a couple days so that I would somewhat forget what I spoke in the recording, so it will be more like, I'm listening to the story for the first time and can do an objective analysis.

    Good luck man,
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    Default Re: Good Storytelling Books?


    I don't know any good story telling books. Here is an article that I came across a while back and it's helped. I will paste the link to the site I got it from. I hope it helps

    I can talk to girls and tell stories because I practiced telling them to my sister, female cousins, receptionists at my office and any female that will listen.

    I never tell a dhv story to any HB that I am gaming until I can tell the story at least 5 times where I get the desired results, which are IOIs and they laugh at the humor in the story. I also practice telling the story in front of the bathroom mirror to make sure that my body language is portraying confidence.

    Here is the article and it gives tips to telemarketers on how to come across better to their customers over the phone. If it works for a tough job like telemarketers it also works for gaming if you can take the tips and tailor to work for you. I work in the business world and it's done wonders for my career and in improving my game.

    Better formatting by reading through the link.

    also check out this link:

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