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    Default Book for Guy-code?

    Is there book that involves stuff like how to deal with guys and how to redeem leader position within guys? I red "How to Become an Alpha Male" by John Alexander and it was helpful but mostly concentrated on women. Also red "48 laws of power".

    I dont know how to do man to man conversation and how much you should joke and is it okay if we have conversations that would be "boring" with women.

    I would like to expand my social circle and shift conversations with women to more "man-to-woman" type of thing cause I got them lady talks in me
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    Default Re: Book for Guy-code?

    I would also recommend the 50th Law by 50 Cent and Green, but other than that I don't know any books other than that.

    My best advice is to figure out what the focal points of your group are and become good at them. Another good idea is to just become really good with sports knowledge, considering that's a true stereotype I see with most men. It doesn't have to be all sports, just pick one that you like and get really in depth about it. Lastly, to get leadership you have to be a leader. Guide the group and determine what is going on in the group. I have two different groups where I'm taking control, one is at college and the other is at home. Both of them follow me, and they are willing to come to me for stuff because I'm the guy who launches the party AND gets it going.
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