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Thread: Diminishing sexual performance TIPS

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    Default Diminishing sexual performance TIPS

    Hey Guys,

    So since i broke up with my last girlfriend in January and got into pickup, my sexual endurance just hasn't been the same. You'd think that because i'm having sex with more partners now it would be better or at least at par, but no. It worse than I think it ever has been in the past.. do you guys have any tips on increasing sexual endurance/performance? I know Kegels are reported to help. Can anyone explain how Kegels work and how to use them in sex?


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    Default Re: Diminishing sexual performance TIPS

    Just the tip? (couldn't help it. Sorry)

    I'm in the same boat, broke up in december and have had to work my way back up to where I once was (multi-orgasmic, 3 hour sex god).

    Kegels can help or make it worse. They can give you stronger orgasms, but if you premature ejaculate then strengthening the muscles that make you cum probably isn't what you need.

    Um maybe I'll write my own post about this actually but a quick summary:

    For ED: Eat healthy and exercise. Get enough sleep. Stress is the number 1 boner killer so either remove stress or learn to better manage it - meditation is golden but you may have to work very hard to get good at it. If you expect to have issues, you will have issues, so you need to learn to stop thinking "omg will I get up? What if I'm not big enough, muscular enough, talented enough? What if what if what if...". Do you think that crap when you wank? Probably not. What *do* you think about? Just do that, but during sex.

    For PE: Getting off earlier that day helps. Practice 'edging' by yourself and get right to the edge of that 'point of no return' then return. Practice this religiously and push it farther and farther until you can get past that point. This is the core of how you learn to have multiple male orgasms (it took me about a month to successfully pull it off the first time. After that it snowballed and got easy). Just like with E.D., be mindful of your thoughts. If you are dwelling on your performance, it will suck. Find something else to think about. Or do the classic think-about-baseball trick but personally I hate that because it makes sex boring. For both parties.

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