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Thread: join the club

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    Default join the club

    my fitness had gone to seed a bit and though i appear youthful, at 33 i considered it my last throw of the dice to set up my fitness and health platform. i decided that i was considering myself if i thought i could get to elite fitness again and i decided that having been super fit before my body must remember what it was like when i was...

    i could not do it alone as i did when i quit smoking and took to the streets in my runners at 25. 3 years of running, boxing, conditioning, wing chun, meditation totally self driven and I was a unit. i was checked out by a doctor from our state barracks who said my physical capacity was extremely good but my mental ability to operate within a group was not as good.

    this time around I have joined a local football club and it is a fantastic adventure. i have discovered that i like a lot of chump blokes. they are really good and fantastic people and working with them is a privelege. i need to be mindful of how i pitch how i do relationships with these guys as there exist various factors when a PUA infiltrates mainstream male group mentality....

    Gee I don't know where to begin with this. I am getting fit. I have a lot of work to do on my fitness and I am learning so much about how normal people live. I am beneficial to many of them for my experience and my abilities as a PUA are useful in leadership

    This is one of the most worthwhile things I have done in this phase of my life. I have knocked back payments from the club and am volunteering my spirit to the club, the boys, and the community. I am hoping that in exchange for helping all I can that I will get fit again and get back into wing chun or maybe a pole for my stripping gf's

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    Default Re: join the club

    Best of luck dude.

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    Default Re: join the club

    Quote Originally Posted by tcomea2 View Post
    Best of luck dude.
    interesting. cheers. alot of the jocks are chumps, and a few quite offensive at that. some jocks are actually latent gays

    rewarding doing voluntary work none the less and ya make more friends than not.

    a few women around but most community club people are small town workers. you might find a HB or so though most are ready to get knocked up and married. unimaginative scene

    learning alot. how can we escape learning wherever we go? that is why i like a little talk about inner game, just not too much

    i gotta build my character. had a majorly busy week with everything and a call from the national competition footy club asking if i can volunteer to work with some of the players

    it all gets better.. mm does say i should be building my wealth and i am working on a method of where my COLLECT is.... changing round the conventional means of performing services and setting up where i will spin my coin

    clubs or communities are a great thing for our kind to enter

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