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    Default Re: quick workout tip

    I have a valid excuse. Lol

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    Saint0003 Guest

    Default Re: quick workout tip

    haha I've done this in a different way...
    in a group of friends we'd take turns drawing a card and would see who could finish the most, and how many we could do all together. It's fun because you do it with your friends and it's more challenging/competitive...

    you could also try changing it up a bit. like for diamonds we'd do diamond pushups, spades was wide arm push ups, clubs was fists and hearts was normal. also adding jokers and making them like 15 or 20 or sumthin...

    you don't have to do any of that though lol... it's just what we did to make it more fun and challenging

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    delishis Guest

    Default Re: quick workout tip

    I like saint's idea of different excercises for different suits. I think I'm going to start trying this out with my friend/wing.

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    Default Re: quick workout tip

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Preston View Post
    hey guys,

    a good friend of mine is a fighter pilot (how f'ing cool is that job?)...

    this has nothing to do with this post, but I thought this girl had a slammin body:

    anyways, we were talking a couple of days ago about working out and staying in shape
    and he gave me a great way to start (or continue working out).

    now listen, i know a lot of people say it doesn't matter what you look like.. which is 'kind of' true.

    but let me ask you... would a woman be more or less attracted to you if you were in better shape?

    of course she would.

    so let me share a cool (and easy) workout tip you can start doing today.

    take a deck of cards... remove one suit (for example all the spades).

    1. take the spades, shuffle them and turn them over...
    2. start at the top and turn over one card.
    3. whatever the card is... do that many push ups (or curls or whatever you want to work on).
    4. rest as much as necessary in between cards
    4. do that for each card until you've done them all

    for example if you pull out the 10 of spades.. do 10 push ups. rest, then if the next card
    is the 3, do 3 push ups. Jacks are 11, Queens are 12, Kings are 13... and the ACE is 1.

    A full suit is 91 push ups.

    When you can do that... then add another suit.

    Your goal is to be able to do the whole deck someday.

    One suit is a total of 91 push ups. The whole deck is 364.

    If someone can do 364 push ups.. they will be in shape.

    Try it out today.. I am doing it and it is an easy way to gain strength, cut weight and get toned.

    Reply to this post if you are gonna take the challenge with me and start doing this...

    This is brilliant!

    I do some PT and it can be hard to get clients to work out on their own when you aren't around so this looks like a good way to keep them interested and turn it into a challenge.

    I think I'll even go grab a deck of cards and give it a go myself.

    Thanks Bill!
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    Mathmo Guest

    Default Re: quick workout tip

    Quote Originally Posted by sh3pherdd View Post
    Rugby - texas tech university
    they have rugby at the texas uni!

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