- Great book - teaches you about non-verbal language PLUS its written by an ex-FBI agent. Pretty easy read and gives you a bit of background and situational examples of non-verbal reading. Teaches you how to adopt confident non-verbal behaviour (something i feel is VERY important when gaming) and also, helps you to pick up on reading other peoples non-verbal behaviour (something VERY useful) -

I started by putting it into practice at work (not gaming, just general confident non-verbal, and reading others behaviour) and i've actually found my working life, becoming much better. Its given me an air of confidence, the ability to read what others are feeling, and through this, i've gained a little respect from colleges and management alike. - gaining confidence in my work-life then tempted me, to incorporate this as an element to my game, since employing it, I tend to get a lot of positive comments from women i've sarged about my confidence - ALSO nearly forgot to mention - its bloody good for handling any amoging situations!!!