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Thread: Unbreakable

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    So, I got this program last week, and I was skeptical, even though I liked everything I read/watched from The Social Man and Christian Hudson prior.

    Well, I think it's the best product I have ever bought on this subject, which is why I have been recommending it to so many people on the boards. I couldn't help but stay up until like, 3 AM some nights watching it and reading it. I felt a noticeable confidence boost, and now I go into interactions understanding basic social dynamics (cognitive feedback loop I think Christian calls it).

    Last night I decided to put it into action, and I mention in another post about "compliments" one of the women I met putting the concepts into practice. It doesn't really give you routines, but it really addresses value, and how to become attractive, in a way where you can instantly put things into practice. It talks about frames and mindsets, and when I "put on" one of the frames they mention, I notice a lot of success. I don't feel like things are left to chance whatsoever anymore, unbreakable shows you what you need to do in each situation, whether it's getting a girl's attention, building comfort, or inspiring arousal.

    They include some extras too, such as a thing about setting up a first date. It is so helpful.

    I cannot recommend this thing highly enough. I thought it was a little dry at first, but it gets really interesting quickly, and you need to pay attention to the foundational things they are teaching you in the first couple of lessons.

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    Default Re: Unbreakable

    To this day I tell guys it is the best value in this niche. It is simply amazing (plus it is the exact material that Christian taught to me early in my careeer). I actually was his friend at the time he made unbreakable, but the material is what I learned from him prior to him making it.

    Check it out here:

    PUA Forums Presents | Unbreakable

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