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    Default Get Women by learning how to improve your INNER GAME!

    If you really want to understand how to communicate with people on different levels and get the impressions and reactions you want while fixing holes in your inner game, this book will help you have natural conversations with people reducing Approach Anxiety because you will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

    Basic Skills in Psychotherapy and Counseling by Christine Brems.
    ISBN-13: 978-0-534-54942-8

    If you are on this site, you probably have some interest in how to gain confidence, effectively communicate, and get girls without trying.

    I am not saying become their therapist, but this book directly focuses on the construct of first helping yourself and then "helping others" whether if its a conversation, humor, sustaining conversation, or having a HUGE advantage of mind power over your counter parts that are in a state of learned helplessness, this book is for you.

    If you want to relate to people and do it well you are going to have to think like a psychologist/detective to bring people thoughts to the conscious level. (e.g. Girl that wants to have sex but cant because (Insert Excuse Here, i.e. Chick Logic).

    This book will bring you inner game from a 0-5 to 7-9 depending what you make of it. It is a beginners book to becoming a clinician and is an easy read, that frankly is quite enjoyable, with many tables that you can take out of the book and post on your wall for reference.

    What is the one of the main reasons why we have approach anxiety? It is because we do not have anything to talk about. While I agree that in the PUA community that you are taught to talk and to keep talking, this book will teach you HOW to LISTEN so you know WHAT to talk about. Canned material can be useful for an opener but the limitation with these are they are attention getters and not sustainable material that can stand on its own. Once you disarm your target(s) whether they be bitch shields or other AMOG's you can use these skills to carry out a natural conversation that makes you come off as very genuine and congruent and the best part is you can augment all of this with the great personality you have.

    This book also includes the use of "attending skills" which are the non verbal cues that people give off and the ones YOU should be giving off to display congruency which equals dhv.

    Most importantly this book will give you the self-awareness skills to make you realize things you may have never pondered.

    So, if you are looking for a book that will help you get to the ultimate goal of communicating with women and doing it effectively, genuinely, and classy (Still Incorporate other supplemental readings as well, e.g. Mystery Method, The Game, Bang, etc.) this WILL be a great start for your PUA career and will make you a better person

    Best Wishes!

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