Hey, dudes. Just finished reading this book about a few minutes ago and wanted to post a review of it.

OK, first off, this is sort of a companion/add-on book to "Mode One : Let The Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking". It's supposed to lay out some dating scenariosand how to handle them the Alpha way ( or as he calls it, Mode One ). At least that's what I've expected to read.

The book is split into 8 ( eight ) chapters spanning 78 pages and is a very easy read. What this guy teaches is good old straightforward Direct Game. He promotes being genuine, authentic, real and straight to the point.

His advice is sound, but hard to swallow for some people ( not many, though ), and as I have read, he is addressing to women too.

What I've expected to read in this book isn't necessarily what I've got out of it. There are very few direct examples of scenarios that actually teach you how to handle a certain situation. What he ACTUALLY teaches you is "Mindset/attitude" and he teaches it very good, except on some occasions where he is just completely off. He tries to give you a blueprint of what really works, throws in mindsets and leaves YOU to flesh out your overall game, so that you can become your best self possible.

On the other hand, he tries to sell himself throughout the book, saying that "other so-called PUA gurus" try to sell us the magic pill and that we will get every single woman on this planet. While I haven't read in many sales letters ( or assumed on my own ) that I can get EVERY SINGLE WOMAN I desire following one certain method, I knew what "other so-called PUA gurus" actually mean when they state that ( being an MBA myself, I know from the bottom of my head and heart that that's hype, that's why I get the books by customer review only ).

He even goes on and contradicts himself, stating that most gurus give you a faulty product to begin with, only to get you frustrated and making you think what went wrong and selling you another product. This ARC guy has four products out. Go figure.

He at one point bashed the entire community for being manipulative and weak by nature. HELLOOOOO !!! You're selling a book on how to pick-up women !!! Don't bite the hand that feeds, dude, it's not cool.

And the last bad thing, he goes on and "re-names" some of the original PUA lingo and other stuff. He calls Alpha Male "Mode One", he calls sex "exchanging orgasms" and some other stuff that escapes me at the moment. I mean how lame is THAT ? Trying to form a following by coining some already-existing terms everybody knows of.

All in all, it's a very pleasant read, refreshing, invigorating and overall solid stuff. Debatable business ethics, some of his points are completely off, but he does know his stuff and he does deliver. To newbies, Mode One is life-changing, to intermediate is a eye-opener, to advanced it hits the refresh button when stuck in a rut.

Overall Rating : 8/10