OK, last thread was a review of a companion/add-on book for what I'm going to review now, that is, the main book.

It generally goes on, like it's add-on, to promote direct natural game, which is pretty great. No subtleties, no bullshit straightforward game.

This one has eight chapters also, but it's 157 pages long.

It brakes down men's behavior into four distinct categories ( that being Mode One through Mode Four, "One" being the equivalent of the Alpha Male of some sort, "Four" being the "women haters". ) and points out their respective traits. This spans four chapters in the book, so half of it is dedicated ( albeit erratically ) to describing in detail the traits of every mode.Comprehensive and very useful.

He puts into question the Strong, Weak, Effective and Ineffective approaches, characteristically placed in every mode category, gives out scenarios for each mode.

Mostly, the book is straight-to-the-point tough-love great advice, explained so the reader can understand what he is saying very easily and can sink into your mind quite rapidly. It gives the reader healthy mindsets on approaching women that generates cut-to-the-chase straight-up no-bullshit-small-talk attraction right off the bat.

Like in the previous book, he merely outlines your action plan and strategy, leaving the reader to create his own tactics so that his game is genuinely his.

However, he goes on and on and on about being "manipulative" and weak. I agree, he does make a point, but it does feel like this guy has some resentment on the opposite sex and on men too. Everybody is manipulative one way or another and to a certain degree. Sometimes it's called "negotiating", sometimes it's called "courtship/wooing" ( either being direct or indirect ), sometimes it's called "having it your way" or just plain old "making a point".

Also, he overemphasizes going into mode four, if you're a mode two and had failures. I find that to be too out there and false. If I were to put it in his own words, I started out as a Mode Two guy ( basically, it comes down to doing canned material and routines. This mode he calls weak, but effective ). He explains that if a mode two guy has enough failures, eventually he'll fall into mode four ( rude, crass, disrespectful to women and what he calls strong but ineffective behavior ). I've had my fair share of complete and utter failures one after another, but the only thing that came out of it all is putting a higher price on myself without disrespecting/hating women AND clearly pin-pointing what I want in a woman. But that's just my experience and point of view.

Overall rating : 7.5/10 ( I would've rated it 8.5, but the strong emphasis on being manipulative and going to mode four really takes away from the quality of the book, which is really great and extremely useful ).