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    Default [REVIEW] Carlos Xuma - Secrets Of The Alpha Male

    When I first read this book, it made some sense to me at the time ( 2007, I believe ), but really didn't pay any attention to it since. Until a few months back, when I re-discovered it on my HDD and decided to give it another shot.

    And might I say "Whoa!". It made a huge difference.

    The book starts off with a quote from one of my all-time favorite movies : "Fight Club". And it made me shout "YEAH!", just like a brainless, spineless, faithful humble servant, willing to follow his leader at any cost.

    But all that brainless spineless stuff soon changed into genuine, vertical, straightforward desire of being the best man I can ever be.

    At 393 pages and numerous chapters, it is THE most comprehensive book about being an Alpha Male. Period.

    The book itself really and truly does cover just about anything and everything on how to be your best self possible imaginable. It covers your job, how you look, how you think, philosophy, internal motivators, conversation style, the alpha handshake, eye contact, your money, your car, types of behavior, emotional intelligence and many many MANY MANY more. This is just off the top of my head. Imagine that the entire table of contents is like 7 pages long, written with a relatively normal sized font. 7 GODDAMN PAGES. Damn. It's farking comprehensive.

    Carlos picks you up and takes the drill sergeant role and VERY RARELY does he put you down. He makes no excuses, he just cuts through the bull-sh1t and tells it like it is, whether you like it or not. It's even better when you don't like it. Many will cringe reading this book, but every single word he says in the book truly does make sense.

    Carlos lays the foundations to the most healthy Alpha Mindset and Lifestyle you can ever have in very simple words, so that absolutely every reader sinks the information in the book fairly easily ( at times ). Even so, it may or may not click with you at first, but if you give it another read or more, it'll surely click.

    So if it doesn't make sense at first, don't throw it away or forget about it like I did. It's just, simply put, an incredible book. I simply cannot imagine the amount of work that went into writing this incredible book.

    He also throws in some exercises to work on your belief system. They're effective all right, but they're not as many as you might need. This is strictly the only bad part of this book and it's not even bad, it's just not enough.

    The rest is just STELLAR. The quality of writing, it's content, it's broadness, it's essence, it's delivery. Everything is simply STELLAR. YOU SIMPLY MUST buy this book. NO BUT's. Or read it again, if you've read it before.

    Overall Rating : 10/10

    [Bill Preston note: Guys - here is a link to this amazing product: [Secrets Of The Alpha Male ]
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